March Break Parenting Time

March School Break Parenting Time

Have you sorted out your March School Break parenting time? If not, time is running out! Give our Vancouver Family & Divorce Lawyers a call today to see if we can help.

When parents separate, they might not be able to agree on a mechanism to share parenting time with their child(ren) during special occasions, holidays and school breaks such as March School Break parenting time. In those cases, a court application may be necessary to ensure you get the parenting time you are entitled to. Our top rated family and divorce lawyers at Nasser Allan LLP have the experience and skill you need to . make sure your holiday plans go ahead. Contact our lawyers today for a free initial consultation.

Holiday related parenting time issues don’t have to be stressful

If you have to bring an application in court for sharing of a particular holiday, such as the March School Break parenting time, you need to make sure that you file the right documents. Also, going to court, does not necessarily mean fast and speedy determination. Our courts are busy. Sometimes, your case may not be heard in the time frame you expect unless you can show urgency. You leaving it to the last minute to apply for allocation of March School Break parenting time may not necessarily be categorized as urgent! So make sure you give yourself enough time and budget for unexpected adjournments. You do not want to have your case heard after the March School Break is over!  Contact our top Vancouver Family Lawyers today to make sure your March break holiday goes as planned.

There are number of ways you can share March School Break parenting time. Here are few different ways:

  1. Share March School Break parenting time equally with your ex, every year;
  2. Rotate annually who gets the entire March School Break
  3. You and your ex would exchange your plans by a deadline and if you cannot work it out, on even years one of you would have the final say and on odd years the other one would have the final say
  4. One of you does not have parenting time during March School Break but gets extra time during another holiday which is more important to that person or works better with that person’s schedule

It is always best when you and your ex can sort out your parenting time, but if you need to go to court or you need someone to negotiate on your behalf, Nasser Allan Vancouver Family & Divorce Lawyers are here to help!

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