5 Reasons you need a divorce lawyer

5 Reasons You Need a Divorce Lawyer

5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be one of the most stressful and devastating phases of your life. Despite your vows years ago that you will be together in sickness and in health, you are now separating and getting a divorce. You may wonder whether you need to hire a divorce lawyer for your divorce case. The simple answer is yes, you should hire a divorce lawyer.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to hire a divorce lawyer for your divorce case:

Your divorce lawyer knows the law.

Without proper legal advice about your entitlement upon separation or divorce, you may be losing out a lot of money that you should otherwise receive. You may also be losing out a lot of valuable parenting time with your children. For example:

  1. just because your ex had all the assets prior to the relationship that does not mean that you should not receive anything by way of property division; or
  2. just because your ex does not work, that does not mean you should lose out on spending time with your children.

Also, in court self litigant do not receive any special treatment. You need to file the right paperwork and present your case effectively. Your divorce lawyer will represent your case so that your position comes across as more reasonable.

Your divorce lawyer will do all the paperwork and relives you of some stress.

Gathering the right information is time consuming and tedious. Not filing the right court forms may have devastating impact on your case. For example, it may lead to your matter not being heard, losing the court date that you have waited for a long time, or can possibly expose you to costs consequences. Your divorce lawyer will gather all the information and file all the correct paperwork on your file to ensure timely resolution to your case. Keep in mind judges rely heavily on your paperwork to decide your case. Your divorce lawyer will put together concise and detailed paperwork to advance your case.

Going through divorce is difficult by itself, having a divorce lawyer on your side will also give you the comfort that you are not going through this challenging phase alone.

Your divorce lawyer is the voice of reason in an emotionally charged phase.

Even amicable divorces are emotionally charged. It is difficult for you to separate your emotions while you are going through a divorce or separation. This may lead to making bad decisions – decisions you would not have made with a clear conscience. Your divorce lawyer will keep a clear and level head and will look at your case objectively. Your divorce lawyer will be the voice of reason to ensure that you do not make bad decisions that you would later regret. It usually costs more in legal fees to fix a mistake.

Your divorce lawyer will come up with solutions that you did not even think about.

Your divorce lawyer will assess your case and will let you know the likely outcome of your case, if you go to court. Your divorce lawyer knows the law and can help you structure your case in a manner that is persuasive and supported by the law.

Your divorce lawyer can structure resolutions that gets you the things that you want the most and compromise on issues that are not very important to you.

Avoid delays

If you go to court alone, you may experience delays as you may not file the right paperwork or you may not have the correct legal basis. Going back to court multiple times is both time consuming and stressful. Your divorce lawyer will make sure that you have filed the correct paperwork the first time around to avoid delays.

If you are looking to hire an experienced divorce or family lawyer to help you navigate your divorce effectively and efficiently, give us a call.  Our lawyers know the law. They are skilled negotiator during settlement discussions and effective advocates in the court room. We are here to ensure that you divorce with confidence.

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